Welcome to Onandon

Welcome to Onandon

Welcome to Onandon

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‘Why do you always get blackcurrant jam?’ ‘Because it’s sweet but also sharp. I like a little bit of sour.’ ‘Well, try this jam.’ ‘OK. Ahhhh, strawberry. Tastes like a childhood love affair when there were fairies at the bottom of our garden. We grew them there. I forgot how much I like strawberry jam.’ … Continue reading Jam

Is that the wind?

Is that a train or the wind? It’s a wind full of crows flapping their wings over iron gates as black as their feathers. One swoops and I duck.  It just missed my head. Imagine a train full of crows, Suffocating with all those feathers. Something is coming in that wind. Something bigger than crows. … Continue reading Is that the wind?


In Venice Under the beautiful mask Is there a wonderful face? The skin of their necks looks delicious Youthful and covered in kisses Her fingers bejewelled with stars His thumb on her wrist is possessive. His cravat is ironed and starched. I can only see his dark eyes. The crowds, the music, the singing, The … Continue reading Masks

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  1. Yes! We all need to clean our desks. ‘Penny’s Desk’ is a good reminder.

  2. Barbara Swprds on 1967

    The images and story in ‘1967’ moved me deeply.

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